Alsanza aspheric IOLs designed to control corneal positive spherical aberrations with its mild spherical aberration correction. 24H aspherical correction leaves weak spherical with longitudinal focus as young adaptive eye behaves.
Provides continuous contrast sensitivity in low light conditions as well as photopic conditions.

Why Aspheric Correction is so crucial?

When parallel rays pass through the spherical surface, the central rays focus on more posteriorly and peripheral rays focus more anterior progressively. In the IOLs without aspherical correction, peripheral rays are bent too much .Specially at dim night conditions, Spherical aberrations increase as a result of expanded puppil size due to  defocusing of improper refracted light.

Total spherical aberrations will result;

  • Astigmatism-like aberration
  • Light scatterings in mesopic conditions

Smart Matrix is uniqe combination of Ultra Pure Monomers; 2 – Hydroxyethylmethacrylate and 2 – Oxyethylmethacrylate U both are giving 4 significant features at the same time.

IPN (Interpenetreting Polymer Network) technology builds Ultra Pure Monomers with undestroyable connections in 3 Dimentional structure. This creats a strength polymer network protecting IOL from deformation, delamination or dispersion.

Smart Matrix

1- Both Elastic & Strengthened IOL material; 2 different chemical identities simultaneously provide best features of two. Smart Matrix has Strength of Hydrophobicity and Elastic of Hydrophilicity at the same time Both optimized Strength and Elastic properties allows surgeon confidently perfom MICs.

2- 3D Integrated Hdyrophobic surface Surface of Smart Martix material shows hydrophobic behaviour on surface, unlike the composite behaviour of inner structure. Beneficial for;

  • Increased fibronectin bioadhesion
  • Low affinity to LECs
  • Reduced risk of PCO

3- Pure Material

Ultra Pure monomers and Zero polymerization technology; Lowers the residual methacrylic acid monomer content and results in zero iconicity polymer which is 10 to 20X less acid than other ‘highest purity’ commercial monomers.

Zero ionicity Smart matrix material provides further degree of quality by eliminating the possibility of calcium phosphate particles formations over time. And increases strength and biocompatiblity of ALsanza IOLs

Supports High optic PerfomanceIn Point Spread Function Test (PSFT). Pure material keeps IOL durable and prevent microwrinklings on optic zone after folding and unfolding.

4- Smooth IOL surface

Smart Matrix exhibits %33 lower surface roughness than competitors thanks to it’s ultra pure monomer polymerization procedures. That reduces matrix size and surface roughness of material


  • Reduced LEC Migration and adhesion to lens optic surface
  • Reduced PCO incidence

The amount of surface irregularities is linearly related to the number of inflammatory cells adhering to the optic surface of the IOL and to the rate of LEC migration and PCO incidence

Arms2FIT Haptic design adds a new perspective to traditional C-loop design.
Unique Suspensive Additions;

  • Narrow Junction Angle improves suspensive movements of Arms to maintain IOL and optical field stability.
  • Stress Dimmer Curves of inner arms softens transmitted stresses to support function of Narrow junction angle and Suspensive FITarms
  • Both Flexy and Strong FIT Arms Minimize tiltations mainly resulting from contractions, tensile or bending stresses sourced by crystalline bag. Support Harmony between Crystalline Bag & IOL to preseve desired refractive stability.

High Dioptric Accuracy

Alsanza Optic Intellegence standardize more sensitive dioptric deviation control than international standardizes. Manufacturing process ensures to perform High Dioptric Accuracy in total range of IOLs with 0.25D a very low dioptric deviation value comparatively

MTF Value: 0,60 at 100 lpm
With 0,60 at 100 lpm, ALSANZA IOLs presents one of highest MTF value in competiton Optic quality of ALSANZA IOLs present well above International standards. Permitted MTF value is established as only 0,43 at 100 lpm for global IOL manufacturers ALSANZA executes strict control mechanism to maintain high standards by individually checking MTF values of each product in line.

Cromatic Aberration

All Alsanza IOLs offer strong Chromatic Aberation Control with Abbe Number: 58,highest in market. Chromatic aberration depends on refractive indices of lens. High chromatic aberrations produce a blurred image with coloured fringes

Prevention of posterior capsular opacification is an important component of global patient satisfaction and desired continuous Optic Quality

All ALSANZA IOLs have most prominent edges with Diamond Cut Edge design that frames all optical field. More sharpened design of Diamond Cut Edge most effectively blocks LEC migration than conventional square edge & Non-edged designes.

  • Diamond Cut Edge frames all optical field in continuous form.
  • All surface properties and Diamond Cut edge design of Alsanza IOLs devoleped for Anti-Migration effect onLECs and reduce PCO occurence.

ALSIOL VF is effective for UV and Violet spectrum photoprotection avoiding total blue blocking. Contains photoselective chomophore 3- hydroxykyurenine that naturally founds in crystalline lens. Protects retina from UV and Violet light with allowing %95 of blue light transmission at 480 nm wavelength

Mimics Nature

  • Protects retina without blocking essential blue light in order to facilitatecircadian system
  • Optimal concentration of exact crystalline chromophore provides clearer contrast sensitivity and color perception contrary to ‘synthetic yellow filters’ does.

 Offers Sufficient Photoprotection without Deficient Phototransmission

  • For better scotopic vision with blue photoreception

Why Blue Light Transmission is important ?
Blue light has an important role in the circadian system, affecting the sleep–wake cycle, mood and cognition. Circadian system primarily depends on photopigment regulation of melanopsin. Melanopsin has a peak absorption at 460-480 nm

Haptic DesignFINS4FIT
Haptic Design Features4 Suspensive Corner Fins 2 Wide OVD Aspiration Holes 4 Positioning Holes
Optic Ø6.00 mm Bi-Aspheric
Overall Ø11.00 mm
MaterialSmart Matrix Interpenetrating Polymer Network of Hydrophobic &Hydrophilic Acrylic, ( 25% water content)
Surface Character3D Integrated Hydrophobic Surface
Optic FeaturesSpherical Aberration Correction : mild, -0,1µm
Edge DesignDiamond Cut Edge
Haptic Angle
Suspensive Corner Fins Angle30˚
Recommended Ac. A-Constant Value118.0
Op. A ConstantSRKT-T:118.7 – SRK II: 119.0 Haigis A0: 1,15 Haigis A1: 0,4 Haigis A2: 0,1 Hoffer Q pACD: 5,11 SF: 1,33 ACD: 5,3
Refractive Index Wet1.462/1.462 ± 0.002 @546 nm (20C° / 35C°)
Diopter Power RangeFrom -20.00D to -0.50D & From 0.00D to +45.00D ( 0.50D increments)
Special ProductionFrom -10.0D to -0.50D & From + 32.50D to +45.00D
Extreme ProductionFrom -20.00D to -10.50D & Above 45.00D
Light FiltrationUV
Injection SystemALSAJET glide 1.8 (Up to +25D)
ALSAJET glide 2.0 (Up to +28D) ALSAJET glide 2.2 (Up to +30D)


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