Helping your patients achieve a better quality of life is our passion. Learning that their increased ability to see the world clearly with all its magnificent colors and shapes is a result of using our products makes us even more passionate about our work. At Alsanza, we are dedicated to improving patients' lives by providing them with the optimal vision they deserve.

We strive to transform peoples' lives for the better through our ophthalmic products, and we aim to provide ophthalmologists with the opportunity to operate confidently in everyday cases and complex surgeries.

As a result of our extensive R&D experience, including a decade of developing hyaluronic acid-based (HA) products, we offer healthcare professionals life-changing vision and eye correction solutions with only one goal, to improve their patients' lives. In addition, we are setting new standards in ophthalmic solutions to transform the science of cataract surgery.

In a world where smart-device technologies and computer-assisted surgeries are becoming the norm, we will continue to make significant investments in new science and technologies to help the eye health industry transform for the better.